Starcraft II - Kerrigan Model

Any one who knows anything about Starcraft will immediately know who Kerrigan is, the Queen of Blades. She has to be one of the most important characters in the whole Starcraft plot line. I am requesting a Sarah Kerrigan model (in zerg form) for an up coming Starcraft II campaign I'm making.
I have an image and a link to a video if it helps.

Model Information:
When making kKerrigan start with the model of a sylvanus. Remove the can and the bow. Change the hair color to black and skin color to greenish brown. Then you'll have to add six spider like legs coming from the back with blades on the end. When making the anims keep in mind Kerrigan always attacks with her spider like blades. Hence the name Queen of Blades.

YouTube - STARCRAFT 2 'Return of the Zerg'

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tint everything darker. so bright.
also, hunter killers are just bigger,badder versions of Hydralisks, and the Devouring One is just a bad ass ling.

Ya, I know what they are, but I'm trying to stick as closely as I can to the starcraft 2 plot line. So far I know the plot line includes Raynor, Kerrigan, Zertul, Mengsk, and some new guy Tychus Findlay