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Apr 28, 2006
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-----------------------~Staff Wanted!!~-----------------------
~The Gods Want YOU.~
~12th January~

Why create a team now when its finished?
Up until this point in development ROTG has been a solo project but now however I'm looking to create a team to help with the future workload as in order to take the project forward the input of more than one individual is required. this is because I simply can't do everything that needs to be done anymore as its become too much and tasks are being neglected.

Steel's Tasks:
At current I am:

Creating the next map version
Compiling bug reports
Recording player feedback
Gathering player feedback
Updating this website
Monitoring/Administrating/Posting on the 3 ROTG forums (Here, the one on Hive and the one on Gamerisle)
Hosting the map over and over on Northrend while refereeing each match.
Promoting the map
Promoting the website
Answering player questions
Teaching new people step by step how to play
Running/administrating two Warcraft 3 clans

Because of all these responsibilities some of them are being neglected and there simply isn't enough hours in the day to get all of this done especially considering the rewards from the community come somewhere between "You should host more often" "Why aren't the hero guides complete?" "Have you fixed X issue?" etc etc.

What do I get from working?
I keep asking myself that same question.
Well, as with any mod/map project the main thing you get it being a part of it and really the people required for the roles would hopefully enjoy fulfilling them and that would be its own reward.
However, some details:
To get directly involved with a large and completed map project.
Full crediting and listing on the official website. (
Direct liaison with myself as to balance suggestions/new features and direct input into the future of the map.
To be part of (hopefully) a team of people that works closely inside the ROTG project very closely with myself.
To join a recognised project as a team member.
Inside info on ROTG as well as all future updates first.

Whats needed?
The map itself is completed and the changes to it are simply adding more features and making changes to the gameplay/balancing so none of the positions required will involve directly editing the map so knowledge of World Editor is not needed.
What is needed is people to create and move forward a community based around this map as with the right players you can get some truly great games of it.
There are several team positions I'd like to create and fill with people who genuinely would like to put some real effort in.

What do I need?
The main requirement is simply to really like/be interested in the ROTG project and to have the time to commit to pushing it forwards.
You don't really need to know the map inside and out before you apply to one of these positions but you must have at least played it. I'm willing to teach people everything you could ever want to know about the map if your willing to learn it and perform whichever role your applying for.
You must have a real interest in the actual ROTG project and must have the available time to commit to performing the role which your interested in.
For most positions a good standard of English is required.
A mature, team-spirited attitude is an absolute must.


Community Leader/Project Representative
I'm looking for someone really enthusiastic who loves the map to really get stuck into getting more people involved in the project.
Another person other than myself is required to help out in hosting/teaching/tutoring/promoting duties regarding the map.
This would effectively double my efforts in getting the map active on and is a sorely needed person.
A fast internet connection so you are capable of uploading the map to a room full of people. (4v4 matches)
The ability to host games of Warcraft 3 TFT.
A patient attitude towards players and a mature, responsible attitude.
Good communication skills and a real like for playing games of and discussing ROTG.
A "doesn't matter who wins as long as your having fun attitude" is essential for this role as is promoting fun, fair gameplay.
Someone who can commit to performing this role at least a couple of times a week for a few hours.

Where might this job lead?
The right person for this role would probably end up taking the chieftain place in Clan ROTG if they wanted it.
They could then turn the clan into/run it as they see fit and make it a good base for a decent ROTG community.

Forum Administrator(s)
I simply don't have the time to be posting up all the news/competitions/feedback/etc on all of ROTG's forums and do it any justice. Therefore the forums are all a bit dead looking.
I'm looking for an individual(s) that can breathe new life into ROTG's forums by creating new posts from a collection of data provided by myself (screenshots, news etc)
A big part of the role is getting feedback from people on the map, answering any enquires that arise from forum visitors and getting the forums nice and active.
the ideal candidate would be someone who likes to start (sensible) debates about map issues and then moderate those debates.
Enjoying moderating forums and have some experience in administrating a forum.
A creative personality that works off their own iniative. (Not someone that needs to be told exactly what to do and how to do it)
Someone who can commit some real time to the role for at least a few months.
A mature attitude who doesn't go crazy on power trips when given a lot of control.
Where might this job lead?
The right person for this role would almost certainly end up running the ROTG forums as they see fit and if the project really took off that'd be a large and recognised role.

Website (Guide) Designer
I'm looking for an individual that I can trust with updating this website based off information I can provide. As the website is mostly complete the role would mostly include working on the guides as these change from version to version as new tactics appear and old ones are no longer useful.

You would be writing up the unfinished hero guides and then updating all ROTG guides as versions change.
Basic experience in web design.
Someone who has written or likes to write strategy guides, FAQ's or articles for mods/games.
Where might this job lead?
Quite possibly to being the official web designer for the project and be in complete control of the domain.

Applying for a position
You can leave a message below, include your contact details and what position your interested in, or you can e-mail me directly at:
[email protected]
Or you can send me a PM on this.

Just remember to include a subject matter in your e-mail so I know what it is.
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