Spongebob model requests

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Aug 27, 2008
Hi i am looking for some models from Spongebob Squarepants. So i wondered if there are any modelers out there that wants to make the models. what i need is:

Mr. Krab, the owner of Krusty Krab


A walking fish, a villager of Bikini Bottom

Something like this

Squidward, Spongebobs grumpy neighbour

like this or this

Spongebobs pineapple, his home :grin:

Here it is and here

I need them to december, but i may not need all, but if it's someone kind persons out there that could make one or more, i would be glad and i give them credits in my campaign (they are for my campaign to the campaign contest EDIT: may not be for the contest but i want a spongebob cpntest :gg:)

Thank you
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