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Spiders Vs Empiers

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
>>Spiders Vs Empires<<
This is a Map that I've created , its mechanics are Warcraft mechanics standard ones, it was made by me "UnHolyDarKness" from the hive community.

Idea by me, models are standard Warcraft models, triggering and terraining and everything is done by me.

The story line of the map and everything about it is described down the page. and all the info about the map is down there.

preferred player number is 5 players and the map size is 96*96

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Spiders Vs Empiers (Map)

Vengeancekael Date: 2012/Sep/30 12:43:57 [Please do not send me a message, use Staff Contact] Comment: [Rejected] Shorten the map's file name to something A LOT shorter. Also put the description in the first post in the map's actual...




Date: 2012/Sep/30 12:43:57
[Please do not send me a message, use Staff Contact]

Comment: [Rejected]
Shorten the map's file name to something A LOT shorter.
Also put the description in the first post in the map's actual description.
Selecting the map in the map selection window crashes the game.
Also add an author.

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Feb 6, 2011
Map Info

Map Idea

The Idea of the Map is like footman wars, each empire , undead , human , orc and night elf have their main attacking unit spawned every short amount of time in there settlement.
the map is 4 settlement 1 for each empire and everything else is just a forest with a lot of surprises in it.
The Goal of the Game is to kill all enemies.

a 5th player is encluded into the game as a spider emipre , that works like other empires but it has no buildings no settlements and no base, he does not lose or win, his goal is to ruin and miss up the plans of the other 4 players.

pretty interesting map with a lot of surprises.

Hope you enjoy it

Map Story

in an undiscovered forest there was a spider empire that lived in peace for decades , never-minding and knowing anything about the wars of the empires that were going all around the realm, but this time the war came to this peace of earth.
the four empires moved to this land to take its resources and build more armies to vanquish the others.
they have sent 1 general and established a small settlement in the forest,the humans went as deep as they could into the woods as they've arrived first, and established their base in the middle of the forest, in the night the undead's marched up and established their settlement in the south-east of the forest. the next morning the orc general arrived and established their settlement in the north-west of the forest and at the same time the nightelfs were establishing their settlement in the north-east of the forest.
2 days later scouts reported for their generals about the other settlements and the battles started. as each general is now standing infront of the task of controlling this forest and adding it to their empire.

the spider empire is now in danger of this upcoming battle and they are ready to sacrifice their life's in order to protect their forest and destroy the plans of the other empires.

Choose your side and enter that battle.

Game-Play Info

each player has to defend their barracks and altar in order to continue playing and exist in the game, each player has a hero and a unit spawned each short amount of time at the settlement that they are owners of.
the hero is revived at the altar upon its death with 0 Gold Cost and no lumber cost.
Time System is included to show the time that passed in-game.
at the barracks of each settlement you can find upgrades to empower your troops and eventually there are 2 shops located in the map from which you can buy different items.
be careful the forests are dangerous and they have a lot of surprises, when the forest is empty no creeps re spawn and nothing happens as the resources get lower to help the player to clash in battles and finish the game.

This is version 0.1b of the map and updates and changes will be added to it soon.

Screen Shots- GamePlay



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