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[Trigger] Spell to be made in GUI + Rep

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Level 8
Jun 1, 2008
Glacial Eruption:

Spell Overview
Basicaly the caster should rise into the air, (while rising he should have 100% evasion), then when he reaches a height of 200 an icy pillar (use the glacier model veriation 4). will burst from the ground and raze up to its full height. all enemies around the casters point should be stuned for 4 seconds and damaged, meanwhile the caster will slowly return to the ground.
Prefered Deadline
Within 2 days if possible.

  • All attempts will recieve + 1 Rep.
  • The best ver will recieve + 3 Rep.
  • The one I chose to use will get credits in my campaign (Click my signature).
Not open for further replies.