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Sparky Aura v1.3

Reduces the attack speed of nearby enemy units by 20/25/30 %, also, if a unit affected by the aura gets targeted by a spell, its a chance that a random lightning will burst the enemy, dealing extra damage.

Lightning 1 - 20/25/30 % chance - Deals 100 damage.
Lightning 2 - 10/15/20 % chance - Deals 150 damage.
Lightning 3 - 5/10/15 % chance - Deals 200 damage.

All Lightnings can trigger at the same time if you are (very) lucky, dealing massive amount of damage.

Leakless and MUI (i think). If not, please tell so i can fix it :). I can also add more levels if anyone want. This is a very simple spell, but i find it useful so i uploaded it :)


-Added two more levels to the ability
-Removed the "do nothing" action
-Changed it so that the lightnings cant trigger on structures
-Changed it so that the lightnings cant trigger on friendly units


-Removed unneccesary variables


-Removed the "casting unit is a hero equal to true" condition

Lightning, Sparky, Aura, Burst, Slow, fagge, 1337, paladin, bandit, thunder, attackspeed, slow, random

Sparky Aura (Map)

11:57, 22nd Jun 2009 Coding: 2.5/5 The coding was alright (although quite simple), but you should really remove the 'Do Nothing' action. Global variables don't need to be nulled at the end of the trigger. On that note, you don't even need your...




11:57, 22nd Jun 2009

Coding: 2.5/5
The coding was alright (although quite simple), but you should really remove the 'Do Nothing' action. Global variables don't need to be nulled at the end of the trigger. On that note, you don't even need your SparkyAuraX variables. You also might want to prevent it from damaging allies (while using a spell such as holy light, heal, etc...). Support for multiple levels could have also improved the spell quite a bit.

Originality: 4/5
It's pretty original; being able to amplify the damage of any other spell cast (well, sorta).

Documentation: 4/5
An acceptable amount of documentation was used, although the grammar was off at times.

Overall = (Coding * 0.50) + (Originality * 0.30) + (Documentation * 0.20)
Overall: 3.25
Approved with a 3/5 (Useful) rating.
Level 8
Apr 7, 2008
Oooohhh, I see! You mean you have a chance for them all to fire at once on the SAME target! Becuase it isnt actually Multi-Level, The aura only has 1 level and the trigger itself never distinguishes between levels if it were to have any.

I dunno... I was hoping for it being Multi-Level, Like give the aura ability 3 levels and have the trigger conditions check the level to determine the chance and damage.

Otherwise right now, you're looking at a 35% chance to trigger it! OMG

Oh and BTW you used "Do Nothing" in there, "Do Nothing" actually does something. It isnt much, and in the case of your spell it probably will NEVER lag since it's only 1 trigger. But, it is setting a bad example for new peeps. Removing the "Do Nothing" would really make it DO NOTHING.
Level 12
Jan 6, 2009
But why the heck should the chance decrease with each level!?
EDIT:Ahh now i get it^^ But you don't even have to level up the spell, it has the exact same effect the whole time.
Last edited:
Level 11
Jul 2, 2008
Here is my review:

1) Why so?
  • ((Casting unit) is Hero) (==) Yes
Doesn't this mean, that this spell becomes useless for any kind of unit instead of hero? This is a "spell section", not a specific unit one. So, I think, you should remove this in order to let "newbies" to use this, since usually they don't know how to make also a common units ability.

2) You should place this:
  • Set SparkyAura = (Random integer number between 1 and 100)
Into the entire trigger "Conditions" like this:
  • (Random integer number between 1 and 100) lower or *** (<=) 10*(Level of (Ability Being Cast))
So you won't have one additional useless variable and action. The spell section uploading rules say: "If you can do something w/o usting a variables, then do so!" Also you will prevent using three different If/Then/Elses. As for the damage, you can set it to: 50 + 50x(Real(Level of *Ability* for (Casting unit)))

That's just an overall suggestions how to improve your codding and make it more efficient.
However, I'll give this 3/5 !Myself! Since our new moderator has a "-1" point for the GUI spells, I can't even imagine how did you get this rating. =\ From his point of view this should be 2/5. Well, I'm going to rate it 2/5 before making codding more efficient. It'll be 4/5 after that. If you are not going to change anything, so let the rating stay here.

Just to ensure you, I have subscription to all the threads where I've posted, so if you have changed anything, I'll look at this and re-rate, don't think my words about spell rating are nonsence.

Thanks for reading all this. ;)