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Soviet RKKA units

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Early Great Patriotic War Soviet forces, known as RKKA (Workers' and Peasants' Red Army).

I think "Herr Dave's additional units" is already quite large to add even more units there. I wanted to make my own version of the Soviet army, despite the fact that there is already a ready-made version. So I decided to make an early version of the army, which looks a little different (and which has unique guns).


- Rifleman (regular (have a melee attack animation) and with semi-automatic rifle)
- Conscript (have melee attack too)
- SMG (PPD and Fedorov's Assault Rifle)
- LMG (DP-28 and Maxim-Tokarev (M-T have alternate animations))
- HMG (Maxim, DShK and new DS-39)
- AT Rifleman (PTRD and PTRS)
- Sniper (male and female versions)
- Grenader
- Officer
- Flamethrower
- Sapper
- Mortar


- Light tank T-26
- Heavy tank KV-1 (by SonsOfSami) and KV-8 after upgrade

M3 Scout Car (Model)

RKKA AT Rifle 1 (Model)

RKKA AT Rifle 2 (Model)

RKKA Conscript (Model)

RKKA Flamethrower (Model)

RKKA Grenader (Model)

RKKA HMG DS-39 (Model)


RKKA HMG Maxim (Model)

RKKA LMG DP-28 (Model)

RKKA LMG Maxim-Tokarev (Model)

RKKA Mortar (Model)

RKKA Officer (Model)

RKKA Rifleman 1 (Model)

RKKA Rifleman 2 (Model)

RKKA Sapper (Model)



RKKA Sniper Female (Model)

RKKA Sniper Male (Model)

Tank KV-1 (KV-8 with flamethrower) (Model)

Tank T-26 (Model)

General Frank
Based on other people's models and therefore it is categorized as 'simple/useful'
The White Army, the black baron
Are once again preparing the Tzar's throne for us,
But from the Taiga to the British Seas
The Red Army is stronger than all

So let the Reds
Grasp authoritatively
Their bayonets with their calloused hands,
And we all should
Without restraint
Go forth into the final deadly battle!

Red Army, march march forward!
The Revolutionary Military Council calls us to battle.
Indeed from the Taiga to the British Seas
The Red Army is stronger than all!

We are fanning the global flames,
Churches and prisons we level to the ground.
Indeed from the Taiga to the British Seas
The Red Army is stronger than all!