Something really odd happened to my Import Manager

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May 13, 2010
Hello there mates! i have a really big trouble. Just a second ago i was testing my map without any problems, after creating a new trigger (nothing special, just a really stupid anti-stuck system, yeah, i am making a TD) when i test it, sunddenly, all imported stuff goes away (you know, the green square appears on icons and imported models doesn't show). How is this possible? 1 sec ago i was testing just fine! I have a lot of imported stuff (i am on v2.0).

Any help will be appreciated.

PS. This have happened before with the loadscreen (it only showed a black screen when i tested the map), but after replacing the .mdx and the .blp with the very same files on my desktop and saving, it worked just fine..
I though that maybe replacing all the imported stuff again will solve the problem.. but i deleted all of it from my desktop once i alredy used it; can't imagine trying to look all the stuff on hive again.:goblin_wtf:

PS2. WOW, incredibly awesome, i saved the map before that thing happend so i am back on work now. Thanks you all for your help!
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