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Some Spell Help; questions

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Level 2
Dec 26, 2007
Hello everyone, i'm working on an altered standard map; new units, races, etc., and I have a few questions about abilities i've tried to make... Any solutions would be great, wether it be GUI, JASS, simple corrections, alternatives, etc. Thanks!

I made a Steam Tank unit with a Siege Mode, just like Starcraft Siege Tanks. Based it off Robo-Goblin, so I could put negative armor in Siege Mode, for balance sakes... Works great, but one problem:

I intended for the unit to rotate when in Siege Mode, but it doesn't. It can't and I don't want it to move in Siege Mode, so I don't know how I would get it to rotate with a speed of 0. I've tried making it into a building based off Ancients and using the Root ability, but that didn't work either, or atleast how I did it.

I changed the Shaman unit a bit into a melee caster. I gave him some passive abilities with a chance to proc, based off Dark Arrow Orb Effect, Lightning Orb Purge Effect, etc. I gave him Flame Shock, which is a passive Acid Bomb effect, Frost Shock, a passive Frost Nova effect, and Earth Shock, a passive Stun. They all work alone, but they don't stack. Only one of three of them works. I know Orb effects don't stack, but I was desperate and tried it anyway. Any way around this?

I'll probably have additional questions/problems in the future, so i'll keep updating as I go! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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