Some CTF

Level 15
Jul 6, 2009
Oh hai thar.

I are making teh CTF map ~! It is very :grin: Even though I kind of ruled out CTFs in my "Drafting Stage" thread, I decided to make it ~!

Planned Features

  • Many things that mock the Hiveworkshop map submission rules, including different author name, and an inadequate description. Sharkbait!
  • Fully triggered projectiles ~ it's hawt.
  • Random things from different maps, including Jigglypuff, more Pokemon, one or two DotA guests, and a few tributes to important people I know that have helped ~
  • Current name I'm thinking of is "Rejection CTF" or "Random CTF".
  • Potentially a low map size (I'm doubting because of models) so people can host it better? O_O
  • Some sort of new damage table. Idk. Is that even viable for a CTF? I already triggered it o_O


Well, the activity level on this project will fluctuate. Although I have three weeks of school left so then I can work on it then ~ No idea. I've done enough to release some sort of demo though. Interested? T_T​

Other Random Notes

  • Map will be available open source (the one I say to download will be optimized to keep filesize down) ~ code is in vJass, and expect messy, probably uncommented, blerh, ugly, crap, omg, wtf, lols, code.
  • I am still working on Pudge Wars, I think. God knows. Like in my drafting thread, I said: "I consider map-making a hobby thingy, not a burden :p So I work on maps whenever I feel like. =)" ~ Why am I even making maps with that sort of attitude to dedication O_O
  • Go test out the Projectile Demonstration map for some sort of preview of what is possible. Although I'm not on the same level as Kenny x3
  • The map has AIDS (Jesus4Lyf).
  • So, if I use Projectile, I can spread AIDS to everyone in the game.
  • I should stop focusing on the coding and more on the fun of the game X_X
  • This is a very troll thread.
  • I need to make a dash system too o_O. Or is dashing and the like too imba? But then again, flag bearer can be silenced :xxd:

My Questions

  1. Should there be items / some reward system? I want to make it more balanced, kill the snowball factor, but still make it fun.
  2. What should be the penalty of flag bearers (as in, the one who stole the enemy flag and is carrying back home)? Reduced MS and Silenced?
  3. Should HP even be a part of the game (so why did I code the damage system >.<)? Perhaps things should just be with 10 HP, 10 hits to die (concept, not figures)?
  4. Hah. I think I'm making this map just to get attention and some "Cool map" comments. I still want it fun >.< (Why is this a question? Maybe it is just something to do? Bleh. Who cares?)
Level 15
Jul 6, 2009
If it has Jigglypuff in it, I support this map 100%. ^_^

Bad news. I can't find one D: I looked here and on wc3r.

I'm not really great with designing games, but I don't think you should remove HP since that looks like it would be more complicated.

Probably. I'll think along the way :)

EDIT: I have decided Hoppip (instead of Jigglypuff :mad:) will be part of the game. x3
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