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Softer Bars and Stuff

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Nothing special, just softer bars, closed the black border in team color replay mode.
changed the build progress bar in replay mode and other stuff.
don't want to spam the place with tons of small crap, so I'm going to upload them all together.
and changed the race banners for simpler color coded letters.

human-bigbar-fill (Texture)

human-buildprogressbar-fill.dds (Texture)

human-healthbar-fill.dds (Texture)

human-healthbar-fill_redux_v1.dds (Texture)

human-manabar-fill_redux_v1.dds (Texture)

observer-production-player-colour_4k.dds (Texture)

observer-production-timer-fill_4k.dds (Texture)

observer-replay-timeline-fill_padded_4k.dds (Texture)

observer-statistics-player-race-human-4k.dds (Texture)

observer-statistics-player-race-nightelf-4k.dds (Texture)

observer-statistics-player-race-orc-4k.dds (Texture)

observer-statistics-player-race-undead-4k.dds (Texture)

Level 7
Sep 16, 2016
Lovely, thanks for this

Btw, does this only work for reforged?

edit: Works on non-reforged
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