Slavic Spearman

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"Один в поле не воин" (one in the field is not a warrior/there is safety in numbers/Ⱁⰴⰻⱀ ⰲ ⱂⱁⰾⰵ ⱀⰵ ⰲⱁⰻⱀ)
Slavic druzhina - the princely army. The squad is the same element in Old Russian society as the prince. The prince needed military strength. The guards were a real military force, always ready for battle, as well as advisers to the prince.


Slavic Spearman (Model)

Stand in the ashes of a trillion WC3 models, and ask the ghosts if you can retexture this one to look more like your concept. :wink:

It's a fine start, but I hope you will hone your skills and make more radical changes to the in-game material, including textures, normal maps, and more additions than a new spear and hat.
Until I post the rest of the models that I managed to make during this time, and later, when I learn how to make more radical changes, I will upload more complex models to the site. If I wrote something incomprehensible, then I'm sorry. This is google translate
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May 19, 2020
You could try to explore other aspects more. Removing the helmet and spear, there is no difference or significant changes.
You've resized the shield, but it's still the same as Militia, with a Western European military appearance, this trait still remains in the general ensemble!
Perhaps outer-model polygons (in the inclusion of a new shield and different accessories) will make your unit more authentic to a Rus infantry.
Don't take this as a personal criticism, the work with attachments and insertion of new Geosets is very good. What still exists is a limitation of the community as a general to more sophisticated proposals for the HD gallery, making use of new textures and polygonal within the resources of the new graphics engine, other than the standard Blizzard Reforged...
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