Level 1
Mar 8, 2004
i have gone into the program image extractor 2, and i saved the HeroPaladin into a tga format so i can edit it in paintshop pro, and when i have done that in painto shop pro and i have too open it in image extractor again too save it too an blp format its gone all blue.. th whole thing isnt blue,,, but it is kinda so i can see trough it.. what have i done wrong...saved it wrong? cause sometimes it says wrong compressed or something... plz help me.
Level 3
Apr 15, 2004
i use PSP7 for all my graphix so if you could be more detailed in everything you're describing i could be of some assistance.

are you editing any alpha channels?

are you working with layers?

hit F12 before you save the skins and under what settings are you saving it?

and just give an all around step by step detail of what you do before it becomes all blue.