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Simplified version of my wind fletcher request..

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Dec 12, 2009
this is regarding my first request: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/requests-341/request-wind-fletcher-model-155323/

because i have received messages that goes like "how the heck can i make the hair wavy" and "i want to do it but i dont know how" i decided that i should make the request simpler.. here it goes..

Instead of using the sylvanas model.. you can use the high elf archer (it solves the hood and the hair problems.. although i dont get the wavy hair and the bangs.. unless you can give it minor edits:)) just recolor the hair black, the cape white and the armor should look like this attached pic below.. so why i didnt think of using this model first? its because i am not sure if it has all animations like that of sylvana's. if it doesnt can you please give it sylvanas animations? and give her a different bow.. thori'dal the stars fury would be great or anything other than the default bow. you could also replace those two orbs in the ends of the bow with small wings or something(in case you do not like attaching thori'dal)

for those who asked why i want the model to have wavy long hair.. its because shes a wind fletcher, wind --> wavy hair.. get it? and i think it would look good.. haha

thank you very much to those who tried i greatly appreciated it.. again sorry for the bother.. hope this makes the model easier..


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