Simkitty's Campaign - Outline

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Nov 8, 2009
This thread is mostly for me to just jot down some notes without wasting space on my computer rofl. I shall just WASTE SPACE ON HERE MUAHAHA jk...

If you are unsure of what word from my campaign language means, feel free to use the Alt - F feature at any time to find out what it translates to : )

The Province of Vel'Doria
The Holy Lands of Baldor
Gor'Laush'Ni'Da (Gore - Losh - Nee - Dah)
The Plains of Transition
The Bay of Ni'Da
The Forests of: Loir'Ti'Na
New Loir'Ni'Da
The Nations of the South
(More locations to come...)

Vel: Freedom / Free
Dian: Dwelling
Doria(ns): Dwellers
Gor: Original
Laush: Foundation
Ni'Da: Empire
Goli: (Jo-lee) Persisting
Baldor: The North
Loir: Land
Ti: Of
Fea: New
Na: Life / Living
Pol: Darkness / Death
Nel: Rebirth / Undeath
Corin: Survivor(s)
Fora: Control(er/ing)
Vin: Wind
Nof: Water
Tesh: Light
(More Translations to come......)

All of these places lie on one continent. There is a forest separated into three by the guardians of the land. The guardians of the land are named "Na" (N - ay) meaning Life, Living. Na also symbolized femininity on the world, using Druid powers, she created life on the planet and created problems with her brother Pol. Pol (P - aul) , meaning death, darkness, destruction. Symbolized the masculinity. And Nel (N - el) , Rebirth, Undeath, Living again. Nel, also male, unlike the two, was born as semi mortal... but that all changes...

The War of Na and Pol
Long ago, when the population was booming, three siblings demi-gods lived together on the land, they were treated like gods, and respected by all. Na and Pol were always at each others throats, constantly having battles for supremacy. Na loathed Pol for having no sympathy for the people or the land. Pol hated Na for even bringing living beings onto the land. Then there is Nel, he symbolized fairness, equality and saw both sides of the story easily and understood their problems. Na and Pol loved Nel for his understanding, this did not stop their fighting though. During a heated battle between Na and Pol, Pol was in mid cast as Nel walked by to try and stop them from fighting. Pol obviously did not hear him pleading to stop as he cast the spell and Nel was caught in the crossfire and was ultimately murdered by his own brother. This temporarily stopped the fight as both Na and Pol rushed to his body. It took almost a month for Na to revive Nel. Although his body was rotting and under major decay, he still managed to sit up. Nel finally got the courage to say to them to split up. Pol took the western part of the forest, Na took the eastern forest, and Nel took the center to split them up. This finally made the two stop fighting. The ones who lived to see this fight happened called it, "The War of Na and Pol".

The Birth of the Loir'Ti'Ni'Da
As this fight was going on, many villages were destroyed causing roughly half of the population to flee. As they fled, Na tried to protect them from any harm from Pol's wrath. Leaving the north, they traveled south, thinking the entire Northern Empire was destroyed. Finally when the siblings calmed down, the ones who fled south created an entirely new empire. Calling the newly created empire "New Loir'Ti'Ni'Da" literally meaning "New land of the Empire". All of those who fled revered Na and majority of them asked to learn the ways of the Druid. Learning a new lease on life, caring more for the land and living beings, they prospered in a calmer environment. With a new empire, they gave themselves a new name for their culture. "Corin'Ti'Pol" or "Survivors of Death" They were surrounded by other nations they learned the ways of the Druid, others were Shaman, and also the Fora of the elements. The Fora'ti'vin, For'ti'loir, Fora'ti'nof. Wind, Land, and water... they did not believe in using fire as its a symbol of destruction and abuse to the land or living beings. All of the inhabitants below the forest border have deep sympathy for the land. The nations did not take to kindly to the Corin'Ti'Pol at first until they showed they weren't the same as their northern counterparts. When the Corin'Ti'Pol found out they still lived, they sighed with relief, but with some hesitation as they remembered their old ways of disrespect towards the land. They grew some hatred towards their northern counterparts which they had in common with the other nations and the nations grew more friendly towards the Corin'Ti'Pol.

The Main Character
There is one girl from the Corin that will have a significant impact on the entire world. Her name? Goli'Tesh She may not be a demi-god such as Na or Pol, but she is powerful in other ways, she has powerful connections as well, her parents are royalty and have a close bond with Na and Nel. Bringing together a small group from the North and South, working together with the demi-gods, they were able to vanquish a great evil lurking beneath the surface of the land.

"The Split"
Goli decides to visit Na, with horrible timing, Pol was there as well. Goli shot Pol a dirty look as he left the room. "What was he here for?" Goli asked, looking in the general direction of Pol as he closed the door. "He just informed me of another Loir Tremor... this time in the southern Nof Nation." Na said looking at the floor closing her eyes. "Thats the 8th one this month!" She continued perking her head up to look out the window. "I'm sure that all will be ok..." Goli said trying to comfort her. "If this keeps happening, there is bound to be another split in the world..." Na said while turning to look at Goli. "ANOTHER split? What do you mean?" her voice getting louder, meanwhile taking a step forward. "There are two continents of the world, they were together are one point in time a long long...long time ago. Back when my parents were still ruling here before they left my siblings and myself in charge of this planet. When my parents left the planet, they tore it in half and left my other three siblings, who weren't close to me, on the opposite side. Although I was close to my sister Fea'Na, they chose to keep her on the opposite side, I understand why as my other brother Fea'Pol is just as bad as Pol. They are younger then Pol, Nel and myself, and that is why my other siblings begin with "Fea" meaning, new. Those two are in charge of that side of the planet, but unlike them, we have our brother Nel to keep us sane. The opposite side of the planet is full of chaos and disorder. Please don't tell anyone about this though. I'm only telling you because I have a feeling you will be very valuable to the world one day" Na said walking across the room to side down on a chair stirring her tea. "Of course, you have my word on it...."


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