Serious Map In The Making. thoughts and Ideas needed

Level 3
Nov 3, 2004
As most of you know I have submitted some map idea fourums that i did not pick up. this is mostly due to some trigger problems that i had in the making. But here is an Idea that is a definite. I NEED ideas, thoughts and ratings ( 1-10 say ) on the idea. Here we go.

Name: Race Survival (or Race Wars, Have'nt Decided yet.)
Storyline: many tribes are stranded in a desert wasteland forced to fight over food and water.

General Idea: you start a new game and Imediately a dialogue box comes up with a whole bunch of race (Trolls, Pandaren, orc, deamons. need ideas there as well). you chose a race and your worker and town hall spawn (may need models). then it is basically Tribe Vs Tribe in a free for all battle, with a few quests thrown in somewhere.

-Loads of different small races (only about 4 or 5 different units per race and about 3 or 4 different buildings with only 1 hero)
-Blend of melee and quest map.
-Vast barrens tileset (what size would you like to see?)
-mostly new spells (some might need triggers)
-mostly new models ( i will put great detail into crediting every one of the model makers from this site)

I would like to keep the terrain rathe small as to avoid too much work, but if there are some hardcore terrain editors out there who can explain how i can send them the map to work on feel free.

All help ideas and thoughts welcome (except very negitive ones) thankyou and i'm sorry for making your eyes sore with ll this reading. ow if you'll excuse me I am developing arthritus in my fingers with typing!
=PHEW= :shock: :x
Level 16
Sep 3, 2004
Here are my ideas: Rip them and I kill you electronically

So this map allows race selection in game, and to reduce the need of an AI, all computers are set to default races

Khiara Elves
-All buildings have high levels of armor (7 armor plus 2 for upgrades)
-All units are fairly fast but weak
-The farms are like moonwells but only replenish mana
-Many khiara elves have augmentation abilities to armor or attack, and most have a mana pool

-Buildings are summoned
-At tier 3, all planeshifter units can be upgraded to have 8% evasion
-Ranged and caster planeshifter units can be upgraded at tier 2 to reduce magic damage; melee units get 2 reduced damage from this upgrade
-Planeshifter buildings are expensive, but can be recycled for resources

Delthian (Darkness)
-Delthian slaves are the most powerful worker
-Delthian slaves are lost when completing a non-farm structure; those lost have buildings that automatically regenerate health (slaves are dedicated to work in building) The workers can also repair when necessary
-Delthian units regenerate at night, and many of them have the hide ability
-Delthian casters are the strongest

Kentaro (Elemental)
-ALL Kentaro units have a weak element ability (frost, burning oil, poison, corruption -1, heal +5)
-Kentaro units can easily be massed, but they usually don't have more then 400 health
-Kentaro hero have high stat gain in intelligence (over 3.2 per level), but most have the strength of agility, and require spells to be powerful
-Kentaro farms can be upgraded in a random elemental power (phoenix fire, frost, poison, corruption, or extra damage vs Delthian) When upgrading there is a 5% chance it will become and ultimus nexus which does chaos damage
Level 7
Dec 6, 2004
Wow, those sound like some sweet races, im not to sure as of what this is about, im assuming its a melee map? Anyway, i have an idea about a race, called Gnomes or something, (I know, not origionaly idea--) But, they have little houses, and little people. They also can make minimen or w/e. They go up and bite the enemies until they die. And you can give them Little viceous Poisonous Fangs upgrade, then when they bite em they get all poisoned and stuff, exept when the enemy dies, the gnomes can eat it for mana. And they can have that bat ability so they turn into a lawn gnome, (only used on grass...) Wouldn't that be the coolest? :D
Level 3
Nov 3, 2004
I agree thos do sound like some awesome races but I was gonna use more basic (non original) races, you know, that people are more farmiliar with I.E. trolls, orcs, tauren, dwarfs, gnomes( not the bitey things joey is talkin' about), elf, night elf, pandern, undead, deamon, goblin, you get the idea, I was even thinking of having a future race with some Starcraft models??

P.S. would you like to see for the goblin race ( as the basic builder) a goblin contraption builder(with the model on this map(will credit)) or an actual goblin builder and save the contraption as an attacking unit.

P.P.S. yes Joey it is a melee map with a few quests thrown in. :D :twisted:
Level 3
Nov 3, 2004
The Despirate thing i need is the map size nd the tilseset. because um... :roll: otherwise I cant get started. so with a post in my fourum can you post the size and tileset you would like to see ( size below 200x200)
Level 5
Jul 31, 2004
yoou can ge started. start getting the units made and export them then export them once youve done the trerrain. Exporting/Importing units its under File in Unit Editor the rest you can find. Thats wat im doing with me ORPG. Same Tileset al Eusira cause he/she knows wat he/shes doing. I suckat terrian so i go with the smart people
Level 3
Nov 3, 2004
:D Good news... The races are written in stone!
They will be:
Wild Beasts
This means that i can get to work on the units. I will keep you posted on further progress

(O.K. so it wasn't that exciting but... SHUTUP :cry: !)