SC2 w3 trees pack (10)

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SC2 trees from warcraft 3 HD assets, Includes all variations and animations, they look beautiful :) , If you want to use them as doodad unflag the option that I show in the 3td image, Enjoy!!, does not need portrait

model by Blizzard, thanks taylormouse for m3 plugins

they all use the same texture, texture path is \Textures\war3hd_summertreewall.blp , texture is at full resolution

HDLordaeronTree0 (Model)

HDLordaeronTree1 (Model)

HDLordaeronTree2 (Model)

HDLordaeronTree3 (Model)

HDLordaeronTree4 (Model)

HDLordaeronTree5 (Model)

HDLordaeronTree6 (Model)

HDLordaeronTree7 (Model)

HDLordaeronTree8 (Model)

HDLordaeronTree9 (Model)