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Sacred War Revolution 5.2g

Sacred War Revolution (Map based on saint Seiya's anime)

From Anime to Warcraft. Here begins the last battle between Athena Saints and Evil forces, now commanded by Hades: The God of Death. Choose your side and have fun!!!
AoS type map.
More than 50 Heroes available! www.sacredwar.co.nr

New gen is 5.0 and above made by Darkrider

from 1.0 to 2.7b made by Lord_Metatron also known as Pisces_Aphrodite

versions 2.8-2.9,3.1-3.2 made by Pandemoni0, Mizar_Shido and Pegasus_Seiya

The main goal, as in any AoS, is to destroy the enemy base using your hero. Each side has its unique heroes to choose and 3 different selection modes, described as follows:
Normal mode: Players can choose heroes only from their side
All random: Players get a random hero from any side
No honor: players can choose heroes from any of both sides
-Commands: Players can -repick or -random heroes by typing this commands or -swaphero with other players

There is an special event that may happen at some interval (8,10,12,15,20 minutes) that moves every hero into an arena called "Elisium fields" where they fight together (ultimate skills disabled) for a blessing from their gods

There is another special feature where killed units (creeps or heroes) can drop some special items

Creeps can drop precious stones (Sapphires, emeralds and rubies) to sell for an individual amount of gold, or merge three different stones into a more expensive one to sell

heroes can drop arsenal pieces. This arsenal pieces are parts of a greater item called "Set". There are 5 kind of sets (Frost, Nature, Soul, Arcane and Wind) that provides the owner a greater power to fight his foes. This sets are made of 4 arsenal pieces each (arsenal pieces are dropped on death, and if a hero dies with a set it is disassembled and 1 of the 4 pieces is lost).

And last you can choose between a normal experience mode, global experience mode, a fast mode or a fast mode with global experience.

This version is believed to work for 1.24

Here is an explanation on one of the features the map has

Arsenals are great items and can easily decide the fate of a match.
But they are hard item to complete so their effect is not known by all players.
It's a common mistake to believe that only because he completed the arsenal he should use it.
To help with all those problems i created this Arsenal Guide so everyone will know them and can create a good strategy.

Frost Arsenal Complete


Description: The Frost arsenal grants the user an increased 30 Strength points, 45 bonus damage, 5 armor and Frost Attack ability, that reduces the movement of the enemy by 40% for 1.2 second when attack. Attack Modifier.

Set Pieces:

Frost Helmet
Description: A piece of the Frost Arsenal. Enhances 6 Strength points of the carrier.

Frost Armor
Description: A piece of the Frost Arsenal. Increases armor points by 3.

Frost Claws
Description: A piece of the Frost Arsenal. Enhances attack damage by 10 points.

Frost Sword
Description: A piece of the Frost Arsenal. Enhances 4 Strength points and gives 5 damage bonus to the carrier.

Soul Arsenal Complete


Description: The Soul arsenal grants +20 bonus points to Strength, Agility and Intelligence, increases the life by 600 and armor by 8 points. Also can cast Death Pact, that kills a friendly non-hero unit to restore hit points equal to 66% of the life of the target.

Set Pieces:

Soul Wand
Description: A piece of the Soul Arsenal. Increases attack damage by 9 points.

Soul Crown
Description: A piece of the Soul Arsenal. Adds 3 points to all stats.

Soul Gauntlets
Description: A piece of the Soul Arsenal. Adds 4 armor points bonus.

Soul Talisman
Description: A piece of the Soul Arsenal. Increases hit points of the Hero by 150.

Wind Arsenal Complete


Description: The Wind arsenal increases the Agility of the Hero by 45 points, enhances the movement speed by 90, and grants 25% chance to evade attacks. Also can cast Wind Force, that increases the movement by 30% and attack speed by 40% over 12 seconds.

Set Pieces:

Wind Spear
Description: A piece of the Wind Arsenal. Increases the attack speed rate by 20%.

Wind Boots
Description: A piece of the Wind Arsenal. Increases the movement speed of the Hero by 40.

Wind Bow
Description: A piece of the Wind Arsenal. Increases the Agility of the Hero by 6 points.

Wind Cloak
Description: A piece of the Wind Arsenal. Increases the hit points regeneration per second by 2 points.

Arcane Arsenal Complete


Description: The Arcane arsenal increases the Intelligence points of the Hero by 50 points, the mana regeneration rate by 150%, adds 350 life bonus and can cast Arcane Magic that deals 300 damage to a target enemy unit and stuns for 1 second.

Set Pieces:

Arcane Bracers
Description: A piece of the Arcane Arsenal. Grants 100 mana points bonus.

Arcane Cap
Description: A piece of the Arcane Arsenal. Grants 6 Intelligence points bonus.

Arcane Periapt
Description: A piece of the Arcane Arsenal. Grants 50% increased mana regeneration rate.

Arcane Sword
Description: A piece of the Arcane Arsenal. Burns 12 mana points of the enemy per attack.

Nature Arsenal Complete


Description: The Nature arsenal enhances the attack damage of the Hero by 80 points, the attack speed rate by 40% and the hit points regeneration by 10 per second. Also can cast Cyclone, that puts enemy units into the air for 10 (5 on heroes) seconds.

Set Pieces:

Nature Amulet
Description: A piece of the Nature Arsenal. Increases 2 hit points regeneration per second.

Nature Horn
Description: A piece of the Nature Arsenal. Increases attack speed rate by 10% and gives 6 damage bonus.

Nature Gloves
Description: A piece of the Nature Arsenal. Increases attack speed rate by 15%.

Nature Lance
Description: A piece of the Nature Arsenal. Increases attack damage by 12 points.

Credits on this guide goes to Griffon17 at sacredwar.co.nr forum












As i'll no longer support SW for wc3 version 1.23. Here is the last one i made.


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Sacred War Revolution 5.2g (Map)

19:49, 3rd Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 11
Dec 31, 2007
If any moderator needs profs that this map is mine i can provide info from the official forum of the map and also resend the email where the original author sends me the original version of the map (january 2008) made by metatron (in THW his account was thanatos)
Level 11
Dec 31, 2007
jaja np. As soon as i posted the map i thought the first 10 or 20 posts are gonna say "another anime map bah!" but i think this one is worthy to post coz it has tons of hours of work :p. I hope you can enjoy it as i do :)

EDIT: added a better description and some screens
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Level 7
Aug 20, 2005
Dear God.... please hide screen shots...
Just had a quick bash, Very professional presentation, but the hero I used had all blizzard spells, and they they didn't really seem to have any theme or synergize very well. Couple of things stood out like the albatross used to pick the heroes flying into the ground etc.
Level 22
Feb 3, 2009
Barathrum's Review (Mini Moderator)

Description (Includes THW description, map description and Loading Screen):"

THW Description: The description is long and contains good information (+4)
Map Description: Good long description (+3)
Loading Screen: Contains some information, but it could be longer (+1.5)


The terrain is very good for a map type like this, the heroes have many ways to hide and attack from behind, etc... (+10)

The game works out as it should, has many heroes, quest menu hints, i suggest the game to anyone.(+10)
Quest menu, Hints:

Quest menu: Good quest menu, that explains the game (+5)
Hints: Includes hints, that further guide and inform you of the game (+5)

Aditional Information:

Contains a Multiboard
Includes nice music in the background
Good system for choosing modes.
Score Board:

0%-49% = 1/5 vote for rejection
50%-60% = 2/5 but i vote for reviewed
61%-70% = 2/5 but i vote for Aproval
71%-80% = 3/5 vote for aproval
81%-92% = 4/5 vote for aproval
93%-100% = 5/5 vote for aproval

Total: 48.5/50
= 97%

Vote for Aproval?= Yes
Vote for Rejection?= No
Vote for Reviewed?= No

Level 11
Dec 31, 2007
just 2 imported models. But there are no saint seiya models in the whole world :S... ive tried lots of times but no results. (besides, my map already has 3.9Mb, in 1.24 doesnt matter, but for previous versions it did :p)
Level 11
Dec 31, 2007
yes, many people complains about that... i think i'll lower the amount of gold per lvl. If you wanna try, in fast mode people lose 50%

but the maths are 160+(hero level*18) in lvl 30 you lose 700 gold

(if you want to compare it to dota, i've just checked and in lvl 25 you lose 750) <- in normal game not EM
Level 2
Jul 21, 2009
Hi, darkrider,
Your math seems correct, but in the last few games, people have complained about losing 1300 gold upon death (in FAST mode). Please see if you can test out the gold loss again.

Level 1
Mar 28, 2006
the map is too big to be created in any version other than 1.24?
if im using 1.23, which version should i use?
Level 11
Dec 31, 2007
did you read the part that says this map has been created in mid 2005? its far older than any anime map i know... in spite the fact that im making it since jan 2008 (naruto came after) the map has been played for quite a long time

But anyways, its your opinion about it (even though you are not considering the work it has on:()
Level 1
May 25, 2009
i really love Saint Seya Anime, and i Really liked this map, for ppl saying that "Anhoter Anime map, blah", well, even if it is based on a anime, what is the problem?, if a map is well made, dont matter if is anime based or not
Level 1
Aug 16, 2009
I play this map since the 2007, i've even created a clan with sacred players (Clan SWBR) and Darkrider is making a really good work in the new versions.
I recommend it to everyone.
Level 11
Dec 31, 2007
Hi there arthas. The map now contains 20 models from the anime. But unfortunately I never uploaded it here because it never passed the beta stage :(. I haven't done any editions to the map in a very long time. If you want to try the map with the new models I can post a link to it (if I find it :p)

EDIT: I believe this is the last one, not sure thou.


Try and then comment here again ^^

Best wishes

Level 4
Nov 3, 2011
Oh it look very nice ^^.
Seem you have a lot of model of saint, that very well.
But I think some spell must change.
Ex : Cancer have Skill : Sekishiki Mekai Ha?
I have demo map have 4 spell:
- Sekishiki Mekai Ha
- Rozan Hyaku Ryu Ha
- Excalibur ( I think Excalibur you are good too ^^ )
- Galaxian Explosion ( I think this spell is nice and look like anime ^^ )
This is link down my demo map :
If you agree, I can help you make some spell. I give to you by my demo map.
Ì you have Yahoo nick, add me at: [email protected]
Please coment soon!
Level 4
Nov 3, 2011
If you want, I can make some spell were not good in your map. And you can copy my spell to your map.
I have play your map 6 beta online with my friend. That cool, I like it :D Please update spell. I realy want to play this map with better saint more.

So, if you have time. Please edit some spell not good in your map. And sure, I will help you make some spell. Add me : [email protected]
Suggestion :
+ I think you must add the Gold Saint Ultimate : Athena Exclamation.
+ Libra Dohko must have some spell of Dragon. You lose all. One of it is Rozan Hyaku Ryu Ha.
+ Death Mask Cancer must have Sekishiki Mekai Ha. ( Cancer Death Mask is very stupid and not have more spell ). You can see some spell more of Cancer when you watch Cancer of Lost Cavas. This Gold Saint is stronger.
+ Minos : I think this hero must in selection region. Ayacos must is in too. You can replace Minos by Pandora. The women alway near the Hades.
+ Some hero of Specter is not main. You can delete us and replace = some hero stronger.
- That is my suggestion in your map. I will find more to ask with you, darkrider.
Please comment soon or add my yahoo nick.

See you soon
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