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Run Kitty Run!!

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I was playing in my house the all known maze called ''Run Kitty Run''.So,i thought this would be easy to be done.After getting permission to create a map like this,i started creating it.Then i just got an idea.Enemies would not be dogs but they would be BUGS!!!
The Maze level is Medium to Hard.In nearly the 50% of the maze difficulty starts to increase by adding some doodads to block your way.Also to make the maze harder i added it so Kitties dont have any abilities.(maybe i will fix that).
Models for Kitties and Bugs are downloaded from here.


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Deleted member 126647


Deleted member 126647

Omg you added BUGS???

Bugs don't even make sense. Did you create it from scratch to mimic Run Kitty Run? Or just edit the original and put BUGS in?
Level 16
Oct 30, 2004
1. You changed the wolf model to a bug model
2. You added few doodads on the path
3. You removed the 'kittys' spells

No effort at all was put in this clone. Im not going to even bother to investigate if this is really from scratch like you say it is. We dont supports these kind of cheap clones.

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