RPG Treasure

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Some treasure from doodads but remade into inventory item models for heroes. The items' animation bobs up and down, but does not rotate. Originally based off of the Glyph and the Shadow Orb Fragment model for the animation and sparkles.

see: War Quest World

Anti Venom (Model)

Chest (Model)

Crystal (Model)

Gem (Model)

Gem Skin (Texture)

Gold Pile (Model)

Golden Chest (Model)

Healing Potion (Model)

Key (Model)

Locked Chest (Model)

Mana Potion (Model)

Meat (Model)

Metal Statue (Model)

Pipe Weed (Model)

Ring (Model)

Scroll (Model)

Mr Ogre man
Really useful and complete pack for treasures. My only complaint is that chests are barely animated. Check out this one I made back in the day; perhaps you could give yours a similar treatment. Chest animated