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[Role Playing Game] [RPG] City of Dark

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Level 14
Jul 3, 2015
City Of Dark
After years of warfare against raiding Bandits a City stands victorious against the invaders, only to be faced with a new crisis.
A Fountain of pure darkness has risen in the City's centre, corrupting the neighbouring forest and beckoning chaotic beasts to it.
Yet even the Demons themselves pause before the City's gates as if even they are afraid of the Fountain's power.
In less than a week since the Fountain's appearance, the City has fallen.
The garrison has either been wounded or slaughtered and it's inhabitants bicker over what little value the City may still boast.
During the chaos, the City has cried for other lands to send assistance, and from these lands Heroes emerge..
..Heroes to cleanse the City of Dark.
The City of Dark seeks to add an engaging combat system paired with the storytelling style of older RPG classics to give it's players a unique gaming experience. In an effort to help the players feel a part of the game itself, City of Dark makes sure each NPC has a unique dialogue and almost every character is viable to give a quest for the player to complete. The quests are made to suit the personality of it's affiliated NPC(s) and offer different ways of finishing the quest which affects how other characters will view you.

As many RPG's have an alignment factor to decide your character's walk of life, City of Dark has one as well. In this MOD, there are three generic paths you may decide from: the path of light which follows the ideals of the new God Solas, the path of Death which follows nothing but itself, and the path of Darkness which follows the old God Lunas. The three main cities in the game will begin aligning themselves to a seperate path, and as such will react according to the player's choices.

In addition, City of Dark contains dangers the player may face while moving from one town to another; from wild animals to Bandit raids the player will have to be prepared before setting off on their adventure or else risk it coming to an abrupt end.
Models Used/Credits
"Villager in Robe - 40 animations" by diosilva16
Used for the player's character. I personally love this model and it's seemingly endless array of animations that makes it almost a necessity for any RPG MOD for WC3. Thank you diosilva16 for creating and sharing this model with HiveWorkshop for the aspiring mapmakers out there.

Additional Models
"Mage Hat" by Sunchips
"ShadowPriest'sClothes" by Sin'dorei300
"Scarf" by Hamsta
"EliteLightArmor" by both Sin'dorei300 and NFWar
Side Note
Please note that this is my first post in HiveWorkshop, so if there's any problems, tips or advice you'd like to point out to the new guy it'd be appreciated! Thank you.


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