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Rotrp or sotdrp maps

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Level 2
Aug 10, 2015
Warcraft AoC RP - Even though I've played it 1.2 times (with the point second time everyone left at the beginning because of DCs), it is pretty good. It allows you to RP as a nation with strategy elements added to it. It mainly focuses on the 1st and 2nd War in Azeroth. Even though other maps have strategy elements, etc; this map focuses more on the RP. Very nice terrain and structural placing.
Models / Skins are heavily varied and units are scaled so that they'll fit in the doorway of a Barracks.

DnD maps are very good, it usually brings out the best emotional RP in me, but it just breaks down in the combat because rolling is sometimes dull and too uneventful coupled with the time taken to fight.

WOaR, I think it is called is like AoC but with less features and also you kind of start in Kezan, pick your races and sail off to some random place to RP as a nation. It is more relaxed but strategically and unit-wise, it is imbalanced. Models / Skins are a little less also. I find it good at times but not very imposing. Terrain is decent but could be better.

Lordaeron: TA - My only experience is when we loaded so slow and about, what, 40% of us dropped out after 10 minutes. Otherwise, your factions are determined by your player slot and you can (host) pick multiple modes of play. Including RP which your build up your RP using -name and other crap and -unally (faction name) to attack someone. Good terrain and models, nice balance. I can finally use footmen to some degree (!)
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