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Risk Revolution v2.6

Submitted by rococho
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Firstly the main map and triggers was made by Lord_inferno, i don't wish to take any credit from him wat so ever.

I've mainly fixed several big terrain flaw's such as:
1, gaps in tree borders big enuff to walk though.
2, tree's can nolonger be distroyed by catapults.

I've also added two new units to mean that you need the right unit for the right enemy:
Barrage teams - more mobile but weaker then catapults.
Melee Warrior - better armour helps counter piercing attacks.

I will check the comments reguler and it would be great to let me know if you spot any other flaw's or bugs


Risk Revolution v2.6 (Map)

Craka_J: The original version. Approved!
  1. Craka_J: The original version. Approved!