Requesting Halo Hayabusa Armor

Level 4
Nov 27, 2008
Hi, I'm DarkSkywalker, I'm new to this site and I just noticed this section and thought I would ask for a Hayabusa Armor model like from xbox live.
Other halo models such as alien weapons would be helpful as well.
The project I am using this request for is my Halo map, it's basically a xbox live match. With the choice for free for all, big team battle, capture the flag, and I'm on the fence about rocket race. I still need a vehicle for that The project is nearing the end and I was hoping to get this covenant elite model so not everyone would be running around with a master chief model.
Here is a list/description of what I want to request:

* Name: Hayabusa Armor
* Details: Just like the picture below. Like a combination of master chief and a samurai.
Images -