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Requesting Final Fantasy7/9 Models! Help me out :)

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Level 4
Jul 9, 2005
Ok after my first map, Jurassic Park Survival being quite popular, I decided to go deeper into map making, and inspired to make a great FF RPG Map.

Yes,yes I know there are already 2-3+ FF Maps, but one is more based on jobs(FF Forever, and FF Open RPG) And FF Epic is somewhat....weird.

I am taking another approach, but need some custom models. Now people who KNOW me, know that I am crazy about custom models(my jurassic park map proves it)

And I found a Cloud and Sephiroth model, but I need a few more.

Now I know FF7 is the most popular FF, but its second in my list, so I am adding a ton of stuff from 7, I'm adding content from 9(my favorite) as well.

What I need is a few more models atm.

I would like:


Now I am not asking a single person to do 8 models for me(but that WOULD be nice) But even if someone does at least 1 or 2, I am closer to my goal, and maybe get someone do to a few more, and one other person to go the rest. I don't know. But I am kind of hoping I get this request done, for I have made 2 requests unfuffiled =/ but if not I understand.

Of Course anyone who makes them credit will be given :)

ty in advance, and feel free to ask a few questions if needed
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