[Request] Reskin + Custom UI Update

Level 5
Jun 15, 2013

Dunno if it's the right place, I think it is tho
I'm looking for someone that would help get more ressources for my egyptian-ish map

First I need someone to complete the Awesome UI made by this guy
As you know Blizzard screwed it by adding borders, so any custom UI is currently incomplete :

Obsidian Desert UI

Secondly I need some reskins of Blizzard ressources and custom ressources in the theme of D2 :

Diablo 2 Act II Desert Tomb and Outdoors Test Map

The guy imported stuff from D2 directly and converted it for wc3 sadly I couldn't any other decent egyptian/arabian good looking doodads

So a reskin of Azshara Statue and/or this one :

Altar of the Sun

I'd also love to have a Sphinx statue, dunno if it exists I haven't find it on THW

Here's a screenshot to show the UI issue :

Warcraft III 2019-08-04 17-06-11-05.jpg

Thx for answering

I know I'm asking a lot and that people are leaving till Reforged, but hope is never too bad


Level 11
Feb 23, 2009
For the UI, I would personally just find 2 coold egyptian blocks and copy paste them over the side borders.

But honestly, if you don't have the base texture it might look weird, and you may want to redo the UI completely (it's not as hard as people think, just a bit tedious).

here is a texture that could be cut / formatted to do the trick, you could have dog guy on the left and bird guy on the right.
Ägyptischen Papyrus Stockfoto und mehr Bilder von Aus dem alten Ägypten - iStock