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Request an Aura-model

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Level 16
Jan 17, 2006
Hi and yes its me again.
This Request isnt important for my Goblins, but im certainly not the ony one who would like to see this.

The request itself is an Aura, wich looks like an Gearwheel.
Its not much work for modelers with more experience then me.

Would be nice to here something about this request.

The Picture below is what kind of Gearwhell i prefer.
Color should be sort of light blue, teal or green.


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Level 9
Jun 18, 2004
Mmm...any Aura models that just twirl around I could re-skin? I'd help you more, but I'm still working on getting animation to work in Milkshape.

EDIT: HA! Got silly Milkshape working! I'll try to make the Aura, been awhile since I've done Alpha channels...

Double Edit: Done the actual model, seem to be having skin troubles, probably did something wrong, but too tired to work it out. I'll finish/post it in the morning, hopefully.

Triple Edit: Done. It might be a little small, and the Hero glow takes away the teal-ish color, but here it is. It spins around slowly.

If you want anything changed, just ask...otherwise I'll put it up when I can.


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