REQUEST: 2 Model Heroes

Level 8
Dec 8, 2013
Im looking for two models for my project map series. I will explain the following details:

Villager 1 Handed: A Peasant who became a very powerfull hero with cosmic powers. I want him to have alot of animations such as 2handed attack animations and on spells i want him to glow a bit, on ultimate powers i want him to levitate and hame more animations such as attack, stand and spells for levitate. Also i want the model to be ecceptable for attatchments such as the villager.

Barbarian: Shield and Axe Hero. General unit with no armor as the villager, shirtless. I want him to have alot of combat animations and roar animation. I would like a Berserk where he mutiple his axe to two axes while his shield goes behind to his back, grows a bit and becomes frenzy.