Request: Dwarven Defender Model

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Dec 9, 2004
I'd need a model of a dwarf for my campaign and it should look like this:
Take the mountain king (He has hammer on his right hand and axe on his left hand) and modify him as follows.

- In his right hand, instead of the hammer, give him a one-handed waraxe like the one of Lord Garithos
- In his left hand, instead of the axe, give him a kite metal shield (possibly with some designed rune on it)
- On his back, instead of the skulls give him a mantle (Do NOT use the ones of admiral proudmoore and the one of good Arthas, please, I would like it gray).
- Make his shoulderpads a bit greater, but just a tiny bit.
- Make his beard brown instead of yellow.

The animations needed are the same ones of the mountain king, maybe the hammer bash could be changed a little, but that's not very important as he could even bash the enemies with his shield ;).

I know that perhaps I'm asking too much, but... I would be really grateful is someone could do this, thank you.
Not open for further replies.