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[REQ] [TRIGGER] - Randomizer

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Level 14
Jul 28, 2009
Hey hives,
im in the need of a trigger that picks out a
random Teleport destination.

Just like in a mini game map,
the map starts up and picks out 1 of all the mini games,
& when that game is over, it picks a new one.


Credits & +Rep will ofc be givin.
Level 15
Oct 18, 2008
It's easy, if you can't do it after I explain a mini-game map is hopeless ^^
1. Create an array of points
2. Create the regions to which the players should arrive
3. Set Point[1] to the first region, point[2] to the second etc.
4. Make an integer variable (e.g. "X" here)
5. Use set X to math-random number between 1 and (your number)
6. Move every player to Point[X]
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