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[Trigger] Replace a Unit

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Level 7
May 11, 2008
My problem here is when the unit changes into his new form. He stops moving to the location he was heading and deselects from the selection when the research is completed. This is what i got so far.....

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1. Use "set bj_wantDestroyGroup = true" before picking all units,
2. get rid of "Do nothing" as it was only meant to be used back in RoC days when there was only "if then else" single action.
3. You need to trigger those things manually. Replacing a unit just drops it in the bucket, it does not remember orders or selection. Here is what that function does:

// This attempts to replace a unit with a new unit type by creating a new
// unit of the desired type using the old unit's location, facing, etc.
function ReplaceUnitBJ takes unit whichUnit, integer newUnitId, integer unitStateMethod returns unit
    local unit    oldUnit = whichUnit
    local unit    newUnit
    local boolean wasHidden
    local integer index
    local item    indexItem
    local real    oldRatio

    // If we have bogus data, don't attempt the replace.
    if (oldUnit == null) then
        set bj_lastReplacedUnit = oldUnit
        return oldUnit

    // Hide the original unit.
    set wasHidden = IsUnitHidden(oldUnit)
    call ShowUnit(oldUnit, false)

    // Create the replacement unit.
    if (newUnitId == 'ugol') then
        set newUnit = CreateBlightedGoldmine(GetOwningPlayer(oldUnit), GetUnitX(oldUnit), GetUnitY(oldUnit), GetUnitFacing(oldUnit))
        set newUnit = CreateUnit(GetOwningPlayer(oldUnit), newUnitId, GetUnitX(oldUnit), GetUnitY(oldUnit), GetUnitFacing(oldUnit))

    // Set the unit's life and mana according to the requested method.
    if (unitStateMethod == bj_UNIT_STATE_METHOD_RELATIVE) then
        // Set the replacement's current/max life ratio to that of the old unit.
        // If both units have mana, do the same for mana.
        if (GetUnitState(oldUnit, UNIT_STATE_MAX_LIFE) > 0) then
            set oldRatio = GetUnitState(oldUnit, UNIT_STATE_LIFE) / GetUnitState(oldUnit, UNIT_STATE_MAX_LIFE)
            call SetUnitState(newUnit, UNIT_STATE_LIFE, oldRatio * GetUnitState(newUnit, UNIT_STATE_MAX_LIFE))

        if (GetUnitState(oldUnit, UNIT_STATE_MAX_MANA) > 0) and (GetUnitState(newUnit, UNIT_STATE_MAX_MANA) > 0) then
            set oldRatio = GetUnitState(oldUnit, UNIT_STATE_MANA) / GetUnitState(oldUnit, UNIT_STATE_MAX_MANA)
            call SetUnitState(newUnit, UNIT_STATE_MANA, oldRatio * GetUnitState(newUnit, UNIT_STATE_MAX_MANA))
    elseif (unitStateMethod == bj_UNIT_STATE_METHOD_ABSOLUTE) then
        // Set the replacement's current life to that of the old unit.
        // If the new unit has mana, do the same for mana.
        call SetUnitState(newUnit, UNIT_STATE_LIFE, GetUnitState(oldUnit, UNIT_STATE_LIFE))
        if (GetUnitState(newUnit, UNIT_STATE_MAX_MANA) > 0) then
            call SetUnitState(newUnit, UNIT_STATE_MANA, GetUnitState(oldUnit, UNIT_STATE_MANA))
    elseif (unitStateMethod == bj_UNIT_STATE_METHOD_DEFAULTS) then
        // The newly created unit should already have default life and mana.
    elseif (unitStateMethod == bj_UNIT_STATE_METHOD_MAXIMUM) then
        // Use max life and mana.
        call SetUnitState(newUnit, UNIT_STATE_LIFE, GetUnitState(newUnit, UNIT_STATE_MAX_LIFE))
        call SetUnitState(newUnit, UNIT_STATE_MANA, GetUnitState(newUnit, UNIT_STATE_MAX_MANA))
        // Unrecognized unit state method - ignore the request.

    // Mirror properties of the old unit onto the new unit.
    //call PauseUnit(newUnit, IsUnitPaused(oldUnit))
    call SetResourceAmount(newUnit, GetResourceAmount(oldUnit))

    // If both the old and new units are heroes, handle their hero info.
    if (IsUnitType(oldUnit, UNIT_TYPE_HERO) and IsUnitType(newUnit, UNIT_TYPE_HERO)) then
        call SetHeroXP(newUnit, GetHeroXP(oldUnit), false)

        set index = 0
            set indexItem = UnitItemInSlot(oldUnit, index)
            if (indexItem != null) then
                call UnitRemoveItem(oldUnit, indexItem)
                call UnitAddItem(newUnit, indexItem)

            set index = index + 1
            exitwhen index >= bj_MAX_INVENTORY

    // Remove or kill the original unit.  It is sometimes unsafe to remove
    // hidden units, so kill the original unit if it was previously hidden.
    if wasHidden then
        call KillUnit(oldUnit)
        call RemoveUnit(oldUnit)
        call RemoveUnit(oldUnit)

    set bj_lastReplacedUnit = newUnit
    return newUnit
Level 7
May 13, 2011
Wouldn't it just be wiser to make an upgrade like Berserker Upgrade? I'm pretty sure units remember all their orders if you use that.

Because it looks to me that that's basically what you're trying to do.
Level 7
May 11, 2008
@Bribe - Im gonna try it, but i had the code before i rebooted my computer and it worked right where the new unit did obey the order as the upgrade was complete. Im sure ill get it again in the mean time ill try what u got there.

@Psuusoy - it would be but i also need the peasant and peon to transform as well so they can advance build structures. i already knew that but need 4 units to use to this trigger.

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 64
Jan 18, 2005
GUI replace unit basically removes the existing unit and makes a new one at its place with some of the same properties. Be warned that this does leak as do all unit removals (even natural death) but the leak is unfixable.

You could try using chaos to morph the unit. That seems to maintain more properties than GUI replaces does although I believe it still stuffers the same leak as all forms of getting rid of units (wish blizzard would spend a few hours to try and fix this).
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