Region System

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Jan 19, 2010
I think you remember me from my last thing-burning destructibles. And again i am not able to take this to end :( So i am asking you. Please complete it.

This is created for making regions where only you and people you let can build in some region you make.

What is done:
Spells for regions
Creating regions
Breaking regions

What is needed:
Removing unallowed player's buildings (new buildings only cause you could use it for destroying bases:ogre_haosis:)

Thanks for help :)

Download here

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Deleted member 177737

If you want what I think you want just make the conditions require the w/e to be in the specified region to work, and when its out tell the game to cancel the action.
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Sep 1, 2010
all you need is
event - a unit start constrction (or something like that.. don't remember correctname)
check in which region is build (region blah conatins unit equal to true)
then check whether the owner of the constructed structure is equal to (player number in array fitting for region).
if true, do nothing

if false, cancel, destroy building, refund money (if you only need gold to build, set the point value of a building equal to its cost, then add gold to player equal to that value)
or cancel construction prozess of that building. In the last case you'll need to edit the refund of begun constructions to 100% ^^ (can be found in main toolbar somewhere under gameplay constants).
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