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Recruiting Terrainer for Fallout inspired RTS.

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Mar 9, 2018
Fallout: Across the Dam

by: NigerianPriest (and Fingolfin)


I've been working on a Fallout map for some time now (you can see all my previous postings of my younger self), off and on, putting together gameplay ideas as well as objectives. Finally I have decided it was time to continue working on and putting together all these new ideas. Originally, I had Fingolfin assisting me with designing my map (terraining/doodads, etc.) But unfortunately he was unable to continue the project, which brings me here.


Fallout: Across the Dam is a strategy game based off of the popular roleplaying game, Fallout. The game is set after the events of Fallout: New Vegas, and is set across the Hoover Dam, in Arizona. Your goal is to conquer all of Arizona and complete the goals set by the faction you have selected.

I am looking for someone to continue the design of the terrain, but if anyone is interested in assisting with the map I will be more than happy to accept any help.

Playable Factions:

Main Factions
New California Republic
Caesar's Legion
Brotherhood of Steel

Side Factions
Kingdom of Arizona
Sons of America

Independent/Custom Factions:
Nomads - (Raiders, Supermutants, Tribals)
City States - (Casino, Farms, Trading, Industry, Mercenaries, Ghoul Refuge)


*Custom Heroes and Custom Factions
Create custom heroes that fit your playstyle through selecting their weapon, armour, traits, and specifications.
Similar to the custom hero aspect, create a custom faction along with their ideologies, weapon arsenals, and their income specialization.

*City Focuses
Every city will have a city focus, allowing the owner of said city to focus the cities resources to one thing. Cities can focus on either their specialization (ie. Farms or Trading Hubs), creating a research facility, or creating a factory that produces certain units.

*Realistic Aircraft System
This system is the aircraft system created by Fingolfin, used in WIF.

Map is attatched.

There is much more to Fallout: Across the Dam, and if you'd like to hear more or are interested, please contact me on Discord.

Nigerian Priest#7961


  • FalloutREFORGED.w3x
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