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Rant on RP

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Level 9
Dec 28, 2007
Today i joined a RP Clan mRP thy are all OK.Well thats not the point.I joined a RP game today it sounded ok at first, then some people joined when i started explaining themes they just started saying Shi*t i mean they spamed so bad that i was sick.When we started the game i tried explaining the themes again but i got another spam attack :thumbs_down:.Then i left (yes im a leaver).
Then i thought when i was a n00b other people probably felt the same way.
But now that im a Pro (really i am!) i noticed that im acting like an Elitist although im against Elitism i am for recruiting new people but i dont have the patience to do it.So i thought what the hell am i brining to the RP...nothing.
Well thats for my Rant today thanks for listening.
Not open for further replies.