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Random Scenes

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I just thought up of some random scenes to terrain. So here they are:

1. The Draenei just landed on Azeroth. You can see the big crystal spikes off of their ship in the mountain.

2. The Entrance to Orgrimmar, the Kul Tiras are attacking. Fortunatley, Rexxar is there to save the day.

3. A Death Knight overlooking an attack on an alliance city.

4. A marsh near Quel'thalas.

5. A marsh near Quel'thalas. I removed the units so you could see the terrain better.

6. Blackrock Depths, the Blackrock orcs are attacking the Dark Iron Dwarves.

7. A lost, hidden, temple deep within the northern peaks of the Dragonblight.
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Level 9
Jun 27, 2007
They all look pretty good. The one with the deathknight has a nice layout and looks similar to a campaign screen. I like the last one the best I think, never seen anyone do something like that with gates, very creative and it came out well.



Level 41
Jan 7, 2005
Strange, I didn't know you could do that with doodads. Or well, I did, but I only did it like once. Refresh my mind, please, how to do such thing?

As for the terrains, the first one is pretty ok, though it could use some fixing on the ground textures.
I see nothing special on the second one.
The Death Knight one is ok... but if his glow was removed it would turn out so much better.
For something that's supposed to be Quel'Thalas, it didn't catch the land's feeling very well.
The temple is good, but the sky doesn't really stack.
I rate this pack 4/5.
Level 24
Nov 9, 2006
I dont quite understand the first one, but it looks like theres some drenais there.
The 4.th and last looks pretty good, the way those trolls are looking seems as if they are going to ambush them.
I love the idea of your last terrain.
You also manage to create a very nice terrain mostly out of the default wc3 doodad models!
It is supposed to look ruined and dried up kinda. Like a big storm hit but its over now.

The last one is entirley default doodads.

The marsh is not Quel'thalas. It is near it, around the borders in Eastern Plaguelands.

The roof in the Blackrock Mountain screenie is made of elevators raised off of the ground.

The Draenei one. Well, the draenei just landed and they are coming down from the mountain.

The marsh, with units, has an elven expedition surveying their borders but on their way Forest Trolls ambush them.
Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
Looking good. I really like the angels on the marsh ones. The first one is not nearly up to the quality of the others though. The DN one is cool. I like the castle a lot. The two riflemen are kind of boring, looks like something from a cut scene or a cinematic.
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