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[Trigger] ranbom starting loaction

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Level 13
Sep 24, 2007
well i was wondering if it was possible to to make people have different place where they start because i made the starting buildings for all the players and i was wondering if you could ranbomly give them all the buildings at one spot so that no one says that one team is rigged
Level 6
Aug 16, 2007
Yes ithink its posible:
  • Events: time elapsed is equal to .10
  • Conditions:/
  • Actions: Move <Start loc>(pick like player red start location) to random point in playeble map area
And create this for each player. Im not sure if this will work because the starting units are already maded, because of delay town hal will get moved, but the pesants will stay at the old position... if it wont work try to change event or something. or create the region at starting location, and than trigerit the same as prevous trigger only that you pick evry unit it that rect and move it to random point... i hope this helps :)

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
Easy, all it needs is arrays storing the locations (as objects or X/Y) of all the places the buildings can go for all spots. Then you randomly choose the spots for each player. Finaly you create the buildings at the locations matching the type of building and the spot.

Such a system should take 30 minutes to make atmost (including setting up).
Level 2
Feb 2, 2008
Create each base where you want it, then with Triggers pick a variable between 1-12 (each player gets his own number), then have each base labelled as a number. Each player gets a random number in the picking, and therefore a random base. Pan the camera to their base. Easy. Just make sure you delete all the triggers that are Default-ly made when you open World Editor!
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