Radiation Spell

Level 5
Oct 12, 2004
Hey guys,

I have a spell i was wondering if anybody could make. I worked on it for about 10 hours and i got nowhere.
The basis is like the Earthshakers passive ability in dota. Whenever he uses a spell it does something. Except mine is a little different. The hero is a demolitionist who has aoe exploding abilities. The spell is a passive ability that every time he uses a spell and it explodes in that area it creates a radiation effect in that area that hurts people as they walk in it. I created a point called Radiation_point which is set to where the explosion is in every spell. So if you could use that.

Basically i need 4 levels of the spell that each level increases the radius of the radiation effect the damage per second and the duration. If it is possible i would like it where the effect starts out at a negative height value so it looks like it is seeping out of the ground.

Level 1:
Duration: 5 seconds
Damage: 20 damage a second
Radius: 100 X 100

Level 2:
Duration: 7 seconds
Damage: 30 damage a second
Radius: 150 X 150

Level 3:
Duration: 12 seconds
Damage: 45 damage a second
Radius: 175 X 175

Level 4:
Duration: 15 seconds
Damage: 55 damage a second
Radius: 200 X 200

I have the icon. and the only effect i could find that looks like a radiation effect is this: Abilities\Spells\Other\AcidBomb\BottleImpact.mdl If anybody else knows a radiation effect better than this please tell me! I tried changing the color of the doodad called "Smoke Smudge" green cause that would be perfect but it didnt work.

If anybody can do this for me please PM me or post in this thread. It will be greatly appreciated! The spell can be in JASS or GUI. I don't care.