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I could take 17 5 year olds. Im kinda suprised....
60% chance to survive a zombie Apocalypse.
I SCORED A 71% in "The Disney Quiz" -.-
MyBody is Producing 296 Watts!
This is 18% MORE wattage than the average person
You could light up 3 light bulbs
You could power 74 iPods
You could power 1 Xbox 360
3 of you would be needed to keep a refrigerator running

Since im only 12 years old, lots of them I couldnt do.
Level 27
Sep 24, 2006
the country one is to hard for me lol. I type holland and the thing does nothing, then i type netherlands,, and then austria, en then.. man .. i typed norwegen. but that isnt correct? how the fuck you say it then? we call the land 'Noorwegen' in dutch so.. if it was in dutch i would score much more

EDIT: Shit now i remember, norway. stupid me.

5 year old kids - 29
Geek - 13%
Countries - 24 (Would be more if it was in dutch)
Level 15
Nov 1, 2004
The geek quiz is only 22 questions: that's weak. There are some geek quizzes that involve 100's of questions.

Even so, I scored 86% on the geek quiz.
Level 1
Nov 1, 2007
How Many 5-year Old Children Can You Fight?: 32
How many countries can you name in 5 minutes??: 62
The Geek Quiz: 30%
The Internet Quiz: 51% (almost passed!)

And here's my 62 on countries for proof:


  • 1countries.JPG
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