Level 32
Nov 24, 2007
Yes. But it is quite hard to handle and I am not certain the attack animations can be played off, and to my understandings it somewhat depends on your PC also.

Simply find the "Art - Required Animation Name" And add the name, all letters have to be low case and every word should be added separatly. I.E: If the name of the spell you want to play of is "War Stomp" then first add "war" and hit ok. Then add "stomp" and hit ok.

If this doesn't work, then you can't do it unless you start some model edit thing, but that'd be a question for the modelers and not us :p
Level 17
Aug 3, 2008
what keiji means is that it only works for UNITS. Not doodads.
Blizzard Never really intented doodads to use animations, but instead, destructibles and units ( silly blizzard =p )

But ya keiji is right, and the unit that u choose will always play that animation in an endless loop. Im not sure whether it plays in the editor or in game.