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Problem with the values

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Level 12
Aug 12, 2008
I checked "Allow negative real values in the Object Editor".
Yes, I able to put in negative values but not all.

[MUI/GUI] Mixed Spell by MEGACYBER v1.02a
In this above link, although the spell is rejected but overall, most of the spells are quite good especially the spell named Tidal Wave.
The problem is here, he able to make the dummy unit's "Art - Maximum Pitch Angle (degrees)" to -90.00 while I can't although I've checked the "Allow negative real values in Object Editor"
The -90.00 value plays an important role which allows the dummy unit with cool effects to face horizontally.
Can anyone teach me how to do it?

On the other hand,
Spell Pack 1 V1.2 beta by Dr Super Good
In the above link, there is a spell called Attract which based on the ability Taunt. He managed to change the value of "Data - Prefer Hostiles" to 3, 6 and 10! Is there any way to change the value to such values although I'm not very sure of the functions, I just want to know about it.
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