[Trigger] Problem with global variables

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Dec 27, 2008
First of all - hello everyone! ;)

Right - I have a problem.
I work on a simple project based on CTF-like games and I created some global variables of types 'unit' and 'player'. I used them in some triggers, everything works perfect, but whenever I make a trigger and want to post there such a line: '<specific unit variable> dies', it keeps telling me that i don't have variables of proper type.

Do I make any logical mistake or don't use these variables in proper way? I've tried making new variables, even let my PC sleep with that, but neither of them worked.

Isn't that strange, that I can't use the same variable of 'unit' in 'Specific Unit Event', when I want to make a line: '<variable> dies'?

Waiting for any solution.
Thanks, bagiet.

Edit: Actually realised that this stuff can be done using Generic Unit Event and some conditions, but it just looks a bit... unelegant. Wondering if there is any other way.
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