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Poke the Dinosaur --Beta-- v1.1


Poke the Dinosaur --Beta-- v1.1 (Map)

Level 2
Sep 17, 2005
OMG! This is Poke the Angry Ogre. All you did was change the ogre to a dinosaur and slightly alter terrain. Don't take a map and say it is yours if you only did .5% of the work involved in making the map.
Level 3
Jul 20, 2004
Lol calm down I give almost all the credit to the creator of Angry ogre Its stil BETA i will add all the nesecesary things to this map AS such im changing the music maybe, and im altering the voice of the Dino to sound like a Dino. I agree with u I based this map off of Angry ogre. It was the most fun map I had played and give all the credit to the Creator of Angry Ogre.
Level 2
Mar 3, 2006
sooooo if it was alrdy fun why change it? seriously.... and then make it a brand new map :?: :?: :?: hell i sbadtothebone am the 1 who edited poke the ogre but i did to make it better not make it a new map alltogether...
If I would get 1 euro for every map I sse that doesn't give credit to the authors of the models/skins used in it, I would be RICH!

how hard can it be...
you find out who made the resource you use, and put the name of the author in the loading screen or quest menu!

I never played the original map.
but this is a bad mod
there are still tooltips remaining about ogres
and there are still also ogre sounds.

And GIVE CREDIT to me and Rao Dao Zao for making that T-rex model!