play via Eurobattle + Lagabuse

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May 12, 2013
due to blamed wc3 v1.30, here is one of ways playing gaias with multiple players.
and this way do not need you install some other software if you were already an eurabattle player
Thanks to mate Kirby5673 sharing

if you dont know eurobattle play, check this:
How to İnstall and connect ""

limitation: for eurobattle players (now only fit to wc3 v1.285)
disadvantage: do not support 1 man solo gaming ( even in the mid of game.....from my experience)


the step of joining games:
eurabattle and lagabuse 1.png

for hosting games:
follow the steps shown by the follwing picture

lagabuse commands:How To Create A Game
lagabuse map lists:Warden

eurabattle and lagabuse 2.png
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