Plastic Soldiers (Plastered)

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"Careful now, boyo. I'm not sure if these soldiers are made of plastic, white porcelain, or plaster, but I'm sure as hell that they're ain't human no more, maybe industrially manufactured or failed products."
-Mr. Cogman.

Just a simple texture for Herrdave's American Infantry Pack and American Support Units. So I tried applying some lil' o knowledge in using Plastic Wrap Filter, some careful detailing works, plus monochromatic effect in Photoshop.

Heavily spiced up and inspired by Bioshock's Plastered Splicer.
You can use them in any maps, much recommended for toy-themed maps like Army Men RTS. This skin I made is supposed to be used in PlasticCraft but shelved the project for my mod. Please give me credits as natural it should be. :)

I'm planning to finish the green-skinned plastic soldiers soon because I have a .psd file ready.


Plastic Soldiers (Plastered) (Texture)

Maybe a variant for classic dark green plastic soldier with some nice highlights would be cool.
I remember there was some plastic soldier game on PS1.. that stuff was great!

Yes, I think it was Army Men 3D perhaps.. damn that was a long ass time ago.
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