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Planet of the orcs. Need some1 whos determined to trigger.

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Level 8
Nov 21, 2008
I basically need some1 who can make triggers such as having barracades as an item in inventory, you also have to be good at making triggers in general, i dnt want some1 who limits there self on "i cant". this map is sure to b a success. i hosted the name of it just to see if ppl would flock to it. and it filled in seconds. i hope some1 is willing to get on the P.O.T.O. band wagan.

Pure Survival: Troll must survive like waves of orcs til they can b saved or waterver it is the objective is.

Metal Gear solid mode: Basically stealthy objectives. and if spotted units will get tht exclamation point over there head and grunts will swarm to tht area.

Unknown last mode: but im sure ill get a good idea.

think of survival mode as a zombie survival just with trolls and orcs. imma remove pinging so it will b harder to find each other. communication will b needed. and no shared vision.

if u need pics let me know
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