Pillar of Skulls Unit/Effect

Level 5
May 20, 2013
Hi! :)

This is a very informal request. I mean... i am just asking a favor from some one who feels like doing it anyway. There is no epic project or prestige attached to it.

A gimmick i have been using in my personal maps, is to clothe dummy units as doodad skull piles & stack them on top of each other at different heights to create the effect of a pillar of skulls. In some ways it works pretty well... in others it is just cheesy doodad detail level is pretty rough, & animations none existent. It also demands a lot of time/trigger resource for a single effect.

I have tried reproducing this effect without dummy units, just using sfx triggers, but i can never quite get it to work, because the sfx version of the units seems to be blind to the basic standing ground physics. They are always too low or two high. Using the GUI, i can never seem to get the sfx to recognize the current standing level as the reference point for elevation. Anyway...

It really would be nice just to have a pillar of skulls model that had an actual birth & death animation. This would save so much time... & it "could" look much better than what i am currently doing.

While i think a pillar of skulls model would be pretty useful in general for the resource library, i realize too that i am asking for a labor of love here. It will never be used in some epic production by myself. I tinker with WC3 editor, and just for my own amusement. But making this effect actually look awesome is something i have been trying to do for the last 15 years, and i don't have the skills to make it happen!

I just would like to have it, after playing fiddle-fart with it all these years!

It really would be useful to me, and i think to others too; it is a structure with much symbolism and historical reference attached to it.. Pillar of Skulls has a lot of options for use on any number of maps! ;)