Bone Wall/Pillar Model Please

Level 7
Jul 25, 2006
There isnt any bone wall or pillar model in existance. Just a bonespear sfx that doesn't work as well as a doodad because its only animation is birth. I am trying to make a Bone Prison spell similar to diablo 2's necromancer and dota prophet's tree trap. Im sure this bone wall/pillar will have many more uses than just my spell. it can look like diablos if thats what you want, i dont care. As long as it looks boney and is shaped in a pillar thats all i need, here is a reference picture anyway if you want it to look like diablo's:


Many thanks in advance if you decide to take up my request.

P.S. I would prefer the model to be under 35kb if possible; the bnet community is not patient when it comes to downloading any map.