Pandarian Sanctuary (Advanced Research Center)

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I was in need of some Pandarian models for a Panda builder for the custom game called Island Defense, but it turned out there were very few and the quality of them was very inconsistent or they were ripped from somewhere else.

What else would a handy modder, who tries to fill his empty life with useless fictional world content, do than pick up the not-even-so-dusty "Do it yourself - Models" -book and get to work?

And here we are:
Pandarian Sanctuary (Advanced Research Center) model, made entirely from scratch by me. Using in-game textures, featuring birth, stand, stand work and death animations.

The desperate developer also provides humble people with necessary icons. Retrieve your free icon here or click on the icon.

2.2.2019 - Fixed portrait.
4.2.2021 - Updated death animation

Pandarian Elemental Sanctuary (Model)

Pandarian Sanctuary (Advanced Research Center) Icon (Icon)

General Frank
Very well made custom building for Pandaren. Excellent details and great use of textures. Amazing job. (Author will add a team-coloured version later. Maybe.)
Level 3
Apr 1, 2020
Is it ok if someone adds proper human-like build anims and death/decay anims where the model disappears?