Palatinate Race

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Palatinate Units Altered Melee

How to play?

To play this faction, choose Human to play this race.

All units are in HD so go to Reforged mode and play this Altered Melee map


The Palatinate is an independent Human faction which is at war with the Imperium, the Republic, the Orcs, Demons, as well as neutral hostile races with state of the art technologies ahead of its time. Also, they rely on armored knights and fanatical casters, even mechanized beings to achieve their arms race against their predecessors. This faction was based on the traitorous Human nation of Alterac, but with high tech arsenal.

Thanks to The_Silent for the Crossbow Sentry, Moonman for the Mechano Spider, Adamus for the Silver Hand General, Footman and Knight, BurnedSmackdown for the Elite Footman, as well as Raddazong and Kam for the Ravager Battleship model.


Floodplains 1v1 Version (Map)