Outland Models

Hi, I was just wondering if someone wanted to make some Outland Models like Ravagers, Spore Bats, Spore Walkers, Fungal Giants, and so on. Not just for me but I think a lot of people would like these kind of models. I do want them for my campaign but I think this would help a lot of people.

I would just use the WoW Models but I kinda agree with Werewulf here. It just feels a little mean to take like Geosets off a WoW Model and put them on your model and say," Hey look at my Model it is so good, dosen't it look a lot like a WoW Model.." Also they are way too good for Wc3 Standards.

The Pictures and Names are in the same order:
1. Etherial
2. Spore Giant
3. Gronn
4. Naaru
5. Ogre Lord
6. Ravager
7. Rock Flayer
8. Spore Bat
9. Spore Walker
10. Warp Stalker
11. Clefthoove
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